Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back on the Road

After almost three months of local project, which I intend to log sometime soon, I am back on the road again.

This time I have my Verizon national access card that allows me get connected to do things like writing this blog at the Oakland airport. I could request the extra battery but with only 3-hour travel time I doubt the weight is worth the benefit.

Next project is an ASP.NET application and have quite a few ThoughtWorkers on it. I am afraid that is as much as I am allowed to say. I would like to whine about the painful download/install process I have been through in order to run the application, but I don't think anyone, like .NET or not, would care.

This project is on a 4-10 schedule which means once I get myself comfortable with the code and my role, I will be able to spend only 3 nights in the hotel and sleep at home 4 nights per week. Not that I am tired of traveling but there is something to "sleeping in your own bed".
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