Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tying Up Loose End - Cotta

So I have rolled off another project and I am going on the next project right away next week.

Typing up a few the loose end at the moment, since I won't be able to have a couple of weeks beach time like I did last time.

I have started with Cotta because this is most close to being ready. Based on the feedback and my experience with Ruby file handling, I have finalized the core API. Release candidate is now available. Even though I still prefer setting all the API right on the first release, my busy schedule just won't allow it. I think I'll release 1.0 and leave it like that, until I get a chance using it or get some feedback from the field.

Of course, SourceForge is done, so in the meanwhile, only the website is available.

More blog coming up with last project, and other loose ends.

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