Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why Lotus WebAccess is not My Favorite Webmail Client

I am on a machine that has 1.99GHZ dual CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 75GB of harddrive. Yet for every scroll up and down action in my inbox view, it sends a separate request. So even when I know the exact date an email was sent, it still takes forever to locate it.

And I noticed this is on the log out screen today:

* Secure: Delete all traces of my personal use of Domino Web Access and Web pages from this computer but keep program elements (boosts performance when next person logs on).

* More secure: Delete all traces of Domino Web Access and all other Web pages in the Temporary Internet Files folder.

Right... I understand what they are trying to do. But what's up with the "Secure" and "More Secure" notion? Apparently, the "Secure" is not so "Secure" after all when there is a "More Secure", isn't it?

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