Monday, August 07, 2006

Loading All Test Cases in Ruby

Now that I finally understand that '$:' in '$:.unshift' is a variable reference, and that 'require ...' is literally a method call loading the file, I realized why there are no utilities in ruby to load all the test cases for you:

create a file 'ts_all.rb' at the root directory of the test with the following content:

# test/unit module that will pick up all loaded testcass automatically
require 'test/unit'

# find where the root directory of the tests is
root = File.dirname(__FILE__)

# do a name matching and iterate through all tc_*.rb files
Dir.glob("#{root}/**/tc_*.rb") do |file|
# load the file (assuming naming convention)
require "#{file}"

That is it! Executing 'ruby ts_all.rb' will just run all the tests.
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