Monday, August 07, 2006

Why Eclipse is not My Favorite IDE

Need to find a way to exclude certain folders in my Eclipse Ruby project so that it does not show up in the Open Resource dialog. Searched on line and find this in Eclipse bug database:
There is now technology in place to support exclusion filters in the workspace.
You can create an exclusion filter in I20060110 by creating a linked resource
to the "null" file system. The linked resource will hide any file system
resource with the same name, thus acting as an exclusion mechanism.

Maybe it is now a good time to reconsider the investment in Komodo


Update: Thanks for Robert for pointing this one out and I stopped pounding my head (a lot less at least):

apparently you can right click on the directory, select "Properties", and check the "Derived" check box, which will do the trick.
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