Sunday, August 19, 2007

Agile 2007 Experience Report

It is finally over. Julian and I have been working hard on this experience paper for agile 2007, and I have just come back from the trip to Washington DC for the presentation.

The title of the paper is "Large Build Teams: Help or Hindrance?". If you google it, you should see an older version.

When I got the copy of the experience reports at the agile 2007 registration booth, it sure feels good to flip through the pages and locate the fruit of my hard work in print. Now I really admire the authors who can keep coming up with good books.

The presentation itself went very well too, although I wish I had more time to make a good point of what I have learned in this project. Oh well, those who are interested can certainly read the report and contact me directly.

Monday, August 13, 2007

How Old is the Concept of "Inversion of Control"?

Think this article by Martin Fowler, probably most quoted, is the first one talking about this concept? Well, then we were both wrong, because I have just found out this article, "The Dependency Inversion Principle", published as early as 1996!

Isn't that something?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

With Wing Bark, No Quack

I have heard tons of insane software development project stories, and this one beats all of them added up...

I only hope the story is not true...

Atlassian and Cenqua

Two of my favorite companies from down under is now one. I love it.

Atlassian taught me that wiki can be cool and professional, and that Bugzilla is not as good as a bug tracking system can get.

Cenqua simply saved me from the CVS madness.

Thank you both!