Friday, September 01, 2006

One Week in SLC

The past four days just flew by and I am now sitting at the airport waiting for my flight back. I was hoping to fly my wife over so that we can visit the mountains around here during the weekend but it turned out to be much more expensive. That is OK, I still need to scout out the beach park where I am going to host the BBQ party next weekend.

I held on to a story card and paired with different developer each day. The domain that this story affects turned out to be the worst part of the application so each day I did a bit of clean-up and refactoring. The story dragged on a bit but I managed to make steady progress.

Since this is a .NET project, there are SQL server and IIS server to run on the laptop. After figuring out how to start and stop the service from the command, I wrote two Ruby driver class for them in the hotel room and checked them into BuildMaster.

So now I have a script that I can call to stop both service with:
services.rb stop
and all it does is:
services = [,
].each do |service|
service.send ARGV[0]
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