Saturday, September 23, 2006

BuildMaster Surgery - Moving to Cotta

I have been struggling with the File operations for a while, before I fully understand what is going on.

After I released Cotta project, the way File operations works in Ruby is like a hideous stain on top of a shining gem, always bugged me, especially when there are these nice classes like Pathname and StringIO already exist in Ruby.

Finally, my curiosity of making it better got the best of me, and I ported BuildMaster over to Cotta Style.

I have decided to call the files CottaFile and CottaDirectory so that I don't have to worried about the name space issue. Since BuildMaster does quite a bit of shell operations, I added method "shell" to the cotta instance so that the in memory version can log them for tests.

All things are happening behind the scene. The following is a code snippet demonstrate the new API:

#system implementation is injected here
cotta =
file2 = cotta.file('dir2/file.txt')
file2.exists?.should_equal false
# parent directories are created automatically'my content')
file2.exists?.should_equal true
file2.load.should_equal 'my content' {|file| puts file.gets}

The API still need to be fine tuned but they provide all the operations that BuildMaster needs for the moment. Hopefully, someday something like this can be part of the ruby library.
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