Sunday, September 26, 2004

Office Friday

I did not realize the importance of office Friday until we did it last week. Last time we did it, I was working in the office so it was no much different for me, well, plus that I was crunching on the deadline to fix something so I did not find enough time just hang around in the afternoon.

This time I worked extra hours on Thursday and went to work early on Friday, so that I can take the afternoon off and went back to the office. Meeting other people in the office that have been on the road was surely fun. And it was defenitely good to chat with Dave and Scott again. I think enablement work does wear you out slowly because you have to keep teaching other people. Besides patience and money you don't really gain much. I guess one can also learn how to deal with badly designed code and old code but it defenitely is not as pleasure as working with another person who is familiar with XP and have a stimulating conversation. I am not saying the people at Drofnats are dull, it is just that repeating and explain the things that I have taken for grantetd for the last three years is really not all that exciting (seeing the delight in the deveopers' eyes was rewarding, though).
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