Thursday, September 02, 2004

HsqlDb and Database Design Issue

Got in memory database working, thank you HSQLDB! With this in place, we will be able to write some unittest or functional tests without worrying about stub out the database. We acquired a set of SQL from Sybase that can help us create the tables and views. However, because Sybase is not using standard data type and SQL, it was a pain to convert all the script. We had to comment out all the ones that we are not going to use.

Here is another good example of why some people should be directed instead of enabled. Because you can make table/view names case sensitive, someone here decided to create views as the same name as the table, except in different case. Thank God that the view is exactly the same as table (used only for READ/WRITE control), I was able to get by without creating it. Also that someone decided to create different view of the same name for different type of user. So it will be interesting to run into that scenario down the road.

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