Thursday, September 16, 2004

A bold move and a change in direction

Everybody (well, I was singled out so I had to move along) took a bold move. Rather than spend all the time to sort out the different versions of the jar files and figure out if it is safe to upgrade the dependencies, we have decided to just put everything under one project.

The pro: Now we have the project under the parent directory of the source, rather than using links in Eclipse, we don't have to explain to others why sometimes you need to commit "api" project and sometimes "person" project. A simple set up defenitely save us a lot of time for communication. We now can refactor/rewrite the code using IDE, rather than dealing with each unit test for each class.

The con: The risk. Nobody has any idea what this blind upgrade would bring. However, since this project does not look too complicated by its own business logic, rather its complexity comes from the complicated build/deployment process, we are hoping that what we did won't come back and bite us down the road. Actually, I think we are betting on it.

On the other hand, this is not a decision that made by ThoughtWorkers, rather Wendy is quite on board with this. So if the customer is aware of the decision making and the risk taking, I don't think it will get out of hand.

A change in direction

We were going to slowly refactor the code to be cleaner design. However, after Clinton taking a look at the code and from his previous DAL experience, he suggested that it is actually easier to write another framework, and start moving the existing DAOs over. So rather than change the code in registry or newregistry, we are going to move code over to the new registry3 package that he is writing at the moment.

It is interesting to see how their developers are getting excited over this "framework writing". Clinton is pretty good at test-driven devleopment so I heop in time they will learn that the real value is in the way that he develoes this code, rather that the code or the diagram that comes out of it. Diagrams are nice only when they are not taken literally.

Adam and I are focusing on the tracer tests. I am really glad that he is also doing this because I think this is a safty net that will help us understand how the registry is supposed to work. Rewriting implies that we need to understand all the requirements that the current registry meets, and we DON'T actually have those. They are in the head of multiple person here. We are getting more and mroe information and we need to track them with story cards, however there are still a lot of unknowns.
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