Monday, August 23, 2004

New Project : Drofnats

Started the next project in, let's call it, Drofnats. Compared to the SFD that I visited two weeks ago, this one is just the oppsite. The IT department, at least that ones that we have been talking to, are very much open-minded, after being bitten by a bad project management.

It is quite interesting that according to the switches of scope, time, cost and quality, they are very willing to achieve high qualty, less likely to cut scope, and flexible on time and cost. I am really very happy that they picked us than the other two companies, one of which is IBM, because they could be used if not careful. It is such a good candidate for Agile development, and I really hope we can have a great success.

Today is mostly spent on preparations. The pilot inception deck power point is the most interesting. It reminds me of the design document that we had at Cysive. It is very powerful but yet not to be abused. However, I especially like the slide of "Is and Is-not". It clearly specifiies what is to be covered and what is not, in a simple two-column table. This means that it did not take too long to produce, it will be easy to change, and yet it clearly defines the scope so that everyone will be on the same page.

It is also my first agile project from beginning. In Yabe, they have already planned it by the time I came in, and it was not by a ThoughtWorker. Even though this is not from the very beginning, I still get to see the iteration zero, or the equivalence. It is hectic at certain angle, but it is being handled very well.

The project estimate chart is the next thing I should check out. I also like espeically the way priority/rick/scope is being presented by a two dimensional chart with dots whose size match the scope.

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