Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Another Day at the Beach

Another day at the beach. It does give me a lot of time to check out the CruiseControl and its competitors AntHill and DamageControl. CuirseControl is a great open source project that can play a big role on agile development, however it still needs quite a bit work on usability and features.

However, the tests cannot run together because they are affecting the state of some singleton. Interesting, I would think that all ThoughtWorkers, at least those involved in the OpenSoruce project would have an IDE and run tests through IDE. The whole tests take only 1 minute to run using Ant even with fork turned, though. I fixed the tests but too bad that the sourceforge is down, I cannot submit any changes.

Once I submit it I'll get the .Net CD from Dave and take a look into notifications in DamageControl. BTW, the MX4J and JMX are somehow more complicated to understand than I thought they should be.

More notes on notification. Ran into these two open source projects that seems to make IM very easy.
GAIM: A IM just like trillian (http://gaim.sourceforge.net/)
IMTask: A IM library (http://imtask.sourceforge.net/)
We can make CruiseControl server sending out messages through IM about building status, and we can also make a CruiseControl bot that start the build, etc. (On the bot part, maybe should start with an IRC bot)

Still looking at China IT, found quite a few IT related website. Now I just need to go through them and get a feeling on the general knowledge and conception.
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