Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Typing Contest : Dvorak vs. QWERT

After switching to Dvorak for almost a year, I decided to switch back to QERTY, for two reasons.
  • I was pairing at least 6 hours a day and was driving everyone mad with the layout switching
  • I wanted to see how fast I was with QWERTY.
Before I switched back, I timed myself in typing out the page "Dvorak Follow-Up". Now that I am fluent with QWERTY again (I should have done that earlier but I was too lazy), I just typed the page again using QWERTY.

And the result is...(drum...)...


Time used with Dvorak: 9:28minutes.
Time used with QERWT: 9:55 minutes

I cannot say that I am not surprised. After all, I have been typing QWERTY almost my entire life and I only used Dvorak for a year. But here you go.

On the other side, 30 second is very small. I could just be tired tonight.

I also finished the "Joy and Pain with Fitnesse" in 29:30 minutes using QWERTY. If I ever switch to Dvorak again, I might do another contest.
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