Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Weekend - A Sample of Quality of Life with XP

First of all, the criteria of the quality of life are rather subjective. If you do enjoy working on your project at home, then all I can say is that you are lucky. For me, there are so many other things besides work and software engineering that I am just too interested in to give up.

One good thing that comes with XP is that you have the control of your time. Because you always know how far you are to finish the project, your project management is fairly predictable. As a result, you can deliver the project on time, and your personal life is not affected.

So, even though my work is still busy as hell, I was still able to put it behind and enjoy my long weekend. For some person it might be really obvious, but my old buddies at JBuilder team would only know too well how obsessed I can get.

Without further a due, here it is:

Stinson Beach Hiking
This is by far the best hiking place that I have been to around bay area. The reason is simple: This is the only place that you can hike on the beach, on the grass field, and the woods in one afternoon.

Brentwood Cherry Picking
Eat all that you can pick, and buy home the ones that you cannot. Just make sure that you need to pace yourself otherwise your stomache might not be able to take it.

Ninja Gaiden
I don't understand why they want to associate this game with Dead or Alive 3, because it is totally different kind of game. Besides the normal similar quest that is quite similar to Final Fintasy X, it requires the player to analyze the enemy's attacking patterns and come up with counter measures. The last big boss was quite disappointing, though, because I just chased him around like a mad man and that killed him.

Texas Hoedown
Yes I also do not believe that there is luck in poker. But, I do believe they should put the number on those chips so that I don't have to remember them.

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