Sunday, May 01, 2005

Fellow ThoughtWorkers

One thing that I found different working at ThoughtWorks, are the fellow ThoughtWorkrs. Here are three examples:

I am the kind of person that cannot remember people's name unless I get to know them personally. So even though I greatly enjoyed the book Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, I only know the name of the main author Martin Fowler. Well, after working at Yabe project, I picked it up one day again to look up a pattern. Guess how surprised for me to find out that of the people that I worked with, three are on the cover (David Rice, Edward Hieatt, Robert Mee). Even though only Dave works for ThoughtWorks, I think this still shows that this company is well connected.

ThoughtWorkers are all opinionated and love a good argument. Someone told me this the first week that I joined, and I have seen it again and again. I think this is good because it will bring out the best from all sides so that we can always think of the way we look at things or do things. Of course, I can understand that it is not for everybody, even though I enjoyed every argument.

Here is a good example. During a discussion about the practical use of loosely coupled architecture like web services, EJB, or CORBA, Dan North made the following comment that cracked me up:
You mean you don't use CORBA?? Are you mad??

How on earth do you instantiate an object without first looking up a Factory Factory using IIOP to register as a Listener for a Factory to call a Factory Method via reflection, if you don't have CORBA?

Bloody amateurs.

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