Monday, October 29, 2012

Job Posting

Job posting has been nothing short of an art these days. You want to attract the talent by describing the job as challenging and the environment as fun. Of course, it always helps if it is really the case.

Fortunately for me, this is the case for Development Operations team at Guidewire. And fortunately for me, I got a lead who cares deeply about attracting the talent, and he drafted the following posting by himself.

Development Operations Engineer

Foster City, CA, United States

How we hire
We’re looking for someone who’s good for the role, good for Guidewire and good at lots of things.
Things move quickly around here. That means we have to be nimble, both in how we work and how we hire. We look for people who are great at lots of things, love big challenges and welcome big changes. We can’t have too many specialists in just one particular area. We’re looking for people who are good for Guidewire—and not just for right now, but for the long term.

How we interview
We’re looking for smart, team-oriented people who can get things done. When you interview at Guidewire, you’ll likely interview with four or five team members. They’re looking for four things:

We’ll want to know how you’ve flexed different muscles in different situations in order to mobilize a team. This might be by asserting a leadership role at work or with an organization, or by helping a team succeed when you weren’t officially appointed as the leader.

Role-Related Knowledge
We’re looking for people who have a variety of strengths and passions, not just isolated skill sets. We also want to make sure that you have the experience and the background that will set you up for success in your role. For engineering candidates in particular, we’ll be looking to check out your coding skills and technical areas of expertise.

How You Think
We’re less concerned about grades and transcripts and more interested in how you think. We’re likely to ask you some role-related questions that provide insight into how you solve problems. Show us how you would tackle the problem presented--don’t get hung up on nailing the “right” answer.

Fit at Guidewire
We want to get a feel for what makes you, well, you. We also want to make sure this is a place you’ll thrive, so we’ll be looking for signs around your comfort with ambiguity, your bias to action and your collaborative nature.

The Position

The area: Development Operations
Development Operations provides a solid infrastructure to enable our development team to quickly and efficiently develop new products. This critical team combines software development, software administration, and product management expertise to support our Guidewire development team. As the primary infrastructure team at Guidewire we have the ability and responsibility to make decisions that will benefit Guidewire in the long term.  We provide an infrastructure on which Guidewire can cost-effectively scale.  Every member of our team is expected to provide new ideas, while we work as a team to prioritize and accomplish the work that gives us the most bang for the buck.  We can't do it all ourselves, so our job is to communicate with those outside of DevOps to establish healthy working relationships needed to support work of Product Development and by extension our own work.  Our job is to educate our users to prevent fires from happening.  We can't prevent them all, but we can identify risk areas ahead of time and build an infrastructure on which we can quickly respond.  We hire creative engineers and technology enthusiasts who enjoy being challenged by organizational problems, with a strong desire to make services better for users.  Our teams come from diverse backgrounds, and we are actively seeking new team members to bring fresh perspective to solving problems, along with the technical and soft skills needed to keep Guidewire's services growing and reliable.
The role: Development Operations EngineerYour job is to understand the daily activities of our development teams and constantly think about ways to make them more efficient.  This includes:
  • Listening to individuals across development, understanding their activities, and constantly thinking about ways to make it more efficient
  • Searching for suitable software and tools
  • Making recommendations
  • Purchasing software
  • Install, configure and administrate tools with support from our Information Technology and Systems department
  • Giving presentations about the software tools
  • Documenting your work
  • Finding ways to provide training materials
  • Being the software system administrator and expert for JIRA, including:
    • Designing and implementing workflows
    • Building custom plugins
    • Identifying and deploying 3rd party plugins
    • System administrator systems like Confluence, Mediawiki, GitHub, Perforce, Nexus
    • Lead projects across Development, Information Technology, and Information Systems
  • You will scale your job by encouraging organizational learning and self-sufficient teams
  • You will encounter challenging, novel situations every day, and work with just about every other engineering team and department at Guidewire
  • You will be looked upon as an expert and advocate to fellow engineers
The ideal candidateWhat drives your work?
  • More than a paycheck, you love your work and want to maximize your positive impact on the people in an organization.
Minimum Requirements
  • BA/BS in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems or related technical field. (In lieu of degree, 4 years relevant work experience).
  • Strong written and spoken English language skills
  • Solid communication skills
  • 1 year of experience at a small startup company or a startup-type team
  • 1 year of software system administration experience
  • 1 year leading a project to accomplish a goal
  • Do it yourself experience with Linux and Windows
  • You have served as an expert in 1 or more areas at a company
Additional Requirements
You should meet about 8 of the following 12 requirements:
  • 1 year in project lead or similar role
  • 1 year in tech support or similar role
  • 1 year in quality assurance or similar role
  • 1 year coding software using object-oriented techniques (in order of preference, Java, .Net, C++, Python, other)
  • 1 year hosting software as a service
  • 1 year as a doc writer, or otherwise extensively documenting your work
  • Experience troubleshooting web browser experiences: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • Experience with Linux and Windows as an administrator
  • Experience with Linux systems requiring the use of scripting languages like Python, Perl, or Shell
  • Experience with Windows and Mac/Linux as desktops
  • Experience with Kanban or Scrum as a user
  • You have built your own product or service which is/was used by 10 or more people.  This could be internal or external
Example Profile
We don't expect someone to match this exactly, but the ideal candidate will have this kind of breadth of experience:
  • 2 years of experience running and building a 2-3 person technical support organization
  • 2 years of being the only QA for a 4 person development team
  • 3 years of experience on a 2 person team hosting software as a service for 80+ customers
  • 4 years of experience building a customer facing product from scratch, deploying it to 20 customers, and supporting it.
  • 4 years of platform development using object-oriented techniques in VB.Net and VBscript
  • 1 year of experience writing an 80 page user guide to be used by over 300 customers.
  • 1 years of experience building a test infrastructure to automate deployment and running of automated tests
  • 1 years of experience leading a team of two to run those tests automatically across a large swath of servers.
  • 1 year of experience preparing a merge of a QA department into a Development (Coding) department.
  • 7 years of experience serving as an expert on JIRA, even though it wasn't your job.
  • 2 years building and supporting a tool that is used by 200 developers.  The tool is part of a customer facing solution, which you built the first fully functional version of.
  • 4 years of experience doing platform level JAVA Enterprise development

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