Friday, October 24, 2008

An Interesting Agile Team Paradox

I learned this on the latest BayXP meeting

A good self-organizing team is commonly one with a strong leadership
I think there are a lot to this interesting comment. I'd like to find out more about its origin and elaborate on it at latter time. I just want to write it down because I have almost forgot it twice already.


Anthony Lauder said...

It is a great observation. Of course, "strong" doesn't mean "bullying" like many managers think. It means "competent and trusted". And leader doesn't mean "order giver" it means "the person who helps the team gel around effective values and then live up to them".

Shane said...

Thanks for the clarification, which I certainly agree.

Your comment also makes me wonder if there is ever a case of "competent" but not "trusted" leadership. If so what is the root caused of it and what should be done about it.