Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bad Interaction Design - Installing Acrobat Reader

It just so happened that two day after I was impressed with Firefox' good interaction design, I was utterly annoyed by the installing process of Acrobat Reader.

What is so wrong about downloading an exe file that is an installer (using any download manager that I want), run it, and choose the location that I want to install the program???

Oh no... You need to install the nice "Acrobat Get", which is either an ActiveX control for IE or Firefox plugin, which of course means that you have to set the security setting on your browser. Then you have to wait for that thing to come up, start downloading, and silently install the program at the place where it sees fit (which happens to be my C drive that has only 1.5 GB left).

So I ended up with even smaller space on C drive (40 GB free space on D drive). And guess what, my computer hung during the process and I had to do a hardware shutdown (holding on to power button for 5 seconds).

Update: Tom just commented and provided this link to download the installer.


Thanks! I love internet!
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