Saturday, April 08, 2006

Less Leads to More?

Just found out that I never published this...

Sometimes, less does leads to more.

After I came to Xi'an, I started working on a distributed project. The development was splitted between Xi'an China and Bangalore India office.

Based on the observations, I decided to cut the development team in China down as well so that we can be more focused during the communication between India and China teams. So rather than 7-8 developers, we only have 4 developers, including me and Jake to work on the project. It worked out pretty well. We have got to know with each other and built a relationship that is good enough that we are free to use phone/IM/skype/iChat/campfire whenever any one of us needed something.

During the weekend, I had a chance to chat with another ThoughtWorker who is working as PM on another project and he gave me another example (I don't remember the example now...)
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