Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Three Announcements from ThoughtWorks

Internally, ThoughtWorks has lots of interesting emails about announcements and discussions. Here are three announcements that I got this week that I think worth logging.

Selenium on OpenQA
Selenium has moved to OpenQA (http://www.openqa.org/selenium/). For those who don't know, Selenium is a web testing technology written to various degree by a couple of ThoughtWorkers and friends. It turns your browser into a web testing tool so that you can test your web application in any browser on any platforms. I have used to in some projects and I strongly suggest you check it out.

CruiseControl Better and Greater
I have been using CruiseControl on every single project that I have worked on in ThoughtWorks. And I have to say that they have come a long way. Now the latest version of CruiseControl launches web server along with the CruiseControl server, and has a "build" button on the reporting page!

Event Announcement: CI and Testing
Greetings Continuous Integration Testers,

This email is being sent to announce an upcoming event for everyone interested in continuous integration and the type of automated testing associated with it.

Jeffrey Fredrick and Paul Julius are cohosting an event that will focus on these topics. The event will use Open Spaces to structure conversation, understanding and innovation.

What: Open Space event discussing all aspects of CI and Testing, together
Where: Chicago, IL
When: Early April (final date tbd)
Who: Everyone interested in CI and Testing
Cost: Free

We'll be inviting people for all manner of projects and places. In fact, feel free to pass this invitation along to anyone that you think will be interested.

For us to finalize the details of time and place we need to get a feel for how many people are likely to attend. If you are interested in attending please join the CITCON mailing list at:


and post an introductory message. In your message it would be useful if you could indicate any topics of special interest and also how likely you are to attend.

Jeffrey Fredrick (jtf@agitar.com)Paul Julius (pj@thoughtworks.com)
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