Thursday, November 03, 2005

Two More about China Environment

So here are two more things that I thought worth mentioning.

All the three hotel rooms that I have been staying at have a central control panel by the bed. So to go to sleep you can just press one button, which will turn off all the lights and sets up the sign "Don't disturb" at the door. Pretty cool eh?

Although they don't have an alarm clock.

The connection in China to US is BAAAAAAAAAAD. I did a download speed test the other day and here are the data:
  • ThoughtWorks gforge 0.6kb
  • sourceforge 1.9kb
  • rubyforge 2.3kb
  • 2.7kb
  • codehaus 2.3kb
Doesn't that remind you the good-old days of dial-up? :)

BTW, the connection within China is pretty fast.


Anonymous said...

thats interesting abt the connection to the US... could this be because of The Great (fire)Wall?

Shane said...


I found out later that I had a bad day. The connection to gmail was 64kb/sec this morning.

Anonymous said...

I'm with anon... maybe it is all the censoring that they are doing? Maybe it really is the Great (fire)Wall .. :)