Friday, October 07, 2005

Arrived at ShiJiaZhuang

After a 12-hour flight, half hour Customs Service (The 'Paul and Jamie Buckman' behind me sure made it seem like 2 hours), one night hotel, 2-hour train ride with half hour delay, I finally arrived the city of the project, ShiJiaZhuang (石家庄).

I have finally met three of the four ThoughtWorkers in China office, Li Mo, Li Chaoqun and Li Xiao. (Yes, Li is a common name in China), and I got a chance to talk with Li Mo on the train. Sid's comment of ThoughtWorkers was "young and super smart" (sounds like the early days of ThoughtWorkers?) and talking with them sure confirmed it.

What I have gathered so far has already shown that projects in China is definitely different from the states, unfortunately I cannot reveal much. As much as I want to keep this blog on my experience in ThoughtWorks, the special condition in China might force me to log lots of them on an internal server. I guess we shall see.
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