Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy Apile Fool's Day

On this day, there are two things that I want to mention. Normally I stick this blog to my working experience, but I figure everything has an exception...

GMail bumped up everyone's storage! This is one company that keeps reminding me that you can make things better by making things right. They keep on surprising me in a good way and I just love this company more and more. As a matter of fact, I would have worked for them, if their HR were not so slow on setting up interviews (that was an interesting experience last year, switching my Google HR contact three times in two months), that I ended up running into ThoughtWorks, a company that I should have been working for since year 2000. Even though my job in JBuilder was a great experience, I am sure I can do much better in a company like ThoughtWorks.

ThoughtWorks name was mentioned in a April Fool's webpage (PaiOn Chair). I asked around and didn't hear anyone knows the folks in Cenqua. So if that is the fact, this is a good sign that we are being regarded as THE XP shop, a name that everyone is building for.
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